Truffle is a life style, it is personal and intimate pleasure, a feeling we share with the beloved ones. Truffle is the love for beauty, for refined flavours, and always well - excepted gift.

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TARTUFINO GROUP, our family owned companies are located in Zagreb, Croatia, and Vienna, Austria, European Union. Through our esteemed distributors our Premium Truffle Spirits are available on many markets worldwide and exclusively distributed in the great China region, Hong Kong and Macao, with one of the oldest and largest and very respected distributors in the region.

Our Distilleries, where we proudly produce our marvelous and Premium Truffle Spirits are located in the magic Istria, Croatia, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea and in the great  and marvelous Italy, the only place in the World where the finest Grappa is produced. Istria and Alba are the biggest find and only two places on the Earth where grows very rare, unique and the most wanted King of all truffles, The White Truffle Tuber Magnatum, known as Alba truffles. Our business inspiration comes from our passionate love for Truffles and Grappa, since 1992. Through our unique Premium Truffle Spirits we wish to bring you closer to the world of fantastic flavours, scents, textures and colours. We want to give the opportunity to feel the charm of an aphrodisiac, and awaken then living force within.

Under the same blue Sky we maintain our Vineyards, where historically growing our noble Mediterranean white grape varieties, our precious Malvasia. Malvasia grape is used for production of high quality wines and here, in combination with our White Truffle Tuber Magnatum, is the magic base of our unique and Premium Truffle Spirits.

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We live with truffles every day, enjoy them, create them and explores with them. Premium quality of unique Truffle Spirits is our success and our goal is to continue to produce and market new and unique premium truffle drinks. As well, one of our next Project is unique TARTUFINO TRUFFLE GASTRONOMY FRANCHISE, based on our marvelous products and under our known and strong Brand name: The Empress Maria Theresa.


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